LABONEWS | Application of Encapsulated Sodium Acid as a function of increased shelf-life of breads

Application of Encapsulated Sodium Acid as a function of increased shelf-life of breads

Particle encapsulation technology allows to coat and protect aromas, vitamins, high-intensity sweeteners, minerals, acids, dyes, active drugs, preservative salts and various components that require greater shelf-life stability.

Thus, the encapsulation process consists of the coating of particles, and its main objectives are: to reduce interactions between the encapsulated material and environment, delaying nutritional and sensorial changes; besides controlling the time of release of the particles in the applications, contributing to the performance and minimizing losses.

Sorbic acid salts are part of the group of organic acids that are widely used in the world due to their efficient antifungal activity in breads and protection against various deteriorating microorganisms.


With the growing demand for high-quality balanced breads, the control of sensory and microbiological characteristics during shelf-life is a very important factor in ensuring food safety and consumer satisfaction. And TasteTech brings to the market the encapsulated sorbic acid, an antifungal for the baking industry.

Sorbic acid crystals are encapsulated by a lipid barrier which minimizes undesired interactions during ingredient processing, providing prolonged protection against molds and maximizing the action of yeast due to the ability to gradually reduce the pH of the dough in the oven – soon after the yeasts have completed the fermentation process, for the formation of characteristic flavors and volume expansion.

TasteTech’s sorbic acid eliminates the need to use preservatives calcium propionate and potassium sorbate, as the small particles bind to the mass homogeneously, distributing the preservative action throughout the product structure and preserving the color uniformity of the product. core

With 20 years of market experience, TasteTech provides food  solutions to more than 40 countries, in different segments, including chewing gum, bakery and confectionary.

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