LABONEWS | WellFood Ingredients Summit was a success!

WellFood Ingredients Summit was a success!


One more time, Labonathus was present in one of the most important events around the world focused on the Market of Functional Products, Nutraceutical and Supplements: the WellFood lngredients Summit!
The second edition of the event, gathered together: 33 top level sponsors- representing more than 50 leading national and international brands of ingredients market-, 750 participants on conference program and more than 2 thousand visitors, including a highly qualified audience from the most recognized Universities and also the most important players from food and pharmaceutical industries.

There, we had the great pleasure of receiving in our booth many customers, friends and partners that carne to give us prestige and check all the news brought specially to the exhibition. ln addition, we also took this opportunity to introduce our portfolio to new customers, interested in knowing more about the new trends in natural ingredients and checking our formulation and different solutions.


In this regard, we can highlight the success of our prototypes with the visitors, who could try on our innovations, such as sugar-reduced biscuit, the chocolate vegan powdered milk and, the instant vegetable milk.

However, the event´s high points were the conferences, from various topics, lead by renowned professionals from national and international companies where were handled important issues for the future of the market such as: products innovation, technological challenges, safety, healthy food and global trends of consumption bringing new business opportunity and enabling relevant discussion on the sector´s regulatory scenario.

During these two days, there were more than 30 sessions, and Labonathus contributed to this moment of discussionnd reflection, participating in two attractions:

-Speak Corner: With the theme ” Application of Vegetable Protein in Beverages”, Labonathus has talked about the tecnological advantages of its use and the food innovation point of view, increasing the amount of protein in beverages and the quality of amino acid profile;

-Breaker Sponsor: In this special attraction among the conferences, Labonathus has introduced to the audience the Nutriose (Soluble Fiber) as an alternative for sugar reduction, with high solubility and stability, keeping the taste of the products.


We would like to thank all those who visited our booth during these intense days where we could have the opportunity to exchange our experiences, share our knowledge and show our solutions that evolve the food market with a focus on the search for healtheir alternatives and the quality of life for all.

The next edition of the event takes place in 2021, but we are already looking forward to the chance to meet so many friends and partners and prospect new customer with even more innovative solutions.


See you at the next Wellfoof Ingredients Summit!

Por labonathus | São Paulo 30 de April de 2019 |