COMPANY |20 years


20 years

Labonathus is celebrating 20 years of operation with the certainty of having conquered great achievements and with the feeling that much more will be built in the coming years.

We have much to celebrate, but in few lines, we could not fail to mention the consolidation of strategic partnerships with customers and suppliers, many of which are with us since the beginning, and the development of new partnerships that have been allowing us to grow constantly, evolving and giving rise to important changes, both in our product range and in our communication and distribution channels.

We also want to express our special thanks to our employees who wear the company’s colours with enthusiastic dedication every day, supporting our growth and improving their skills to be more and more prepared to face the challenges brought by the market.

For all those who have contributed in some way to our growth, we would like to express our sincere thanks for the trust they have placed in us, assuring you that our journey will continue to be with great dedication, always seeking to convert our success in their satisfaction.

Throughout this year, various communication activities will mark Labonathus´ 20th anniversary, symbolizing our pride in the milestone we have achieved and gratitude to those who have contributed to our success in this stage of our history.